“You know you’re a photographer when… your favorite room in the house is the one with the most light and the least furniture.”
Clickin Moms

“Wedding”-Where One Completes Another

It is rightly said that  being with the person you love the most and getting tied up with him/her for your entire life is the most beautiful feeling in the world. That feel of holding hands in front of the crowd and taking vows of being with each other for your entire life is something every individual dreams of.

One fine evening when you are back from work with your beloved, both drenched with tiredness; the sun has already set, the moon has already started shining, its calm all around, a cup of coffee in your hand, resting on a chair in your balcony. Gazing at her while sipping your coffee quietly makes you lose all that day’s lassitude. And all of a sudden you get caught, this is the most beautiful feeling, when there’s nothing to explain and she smiles back.

Twinkling smile, Chubby cheeks, dimple chin
Rosy lips, teeth within
Curly hair, very fair
Eyes are blue – lovely too.

You are still not out with that smile, when she comes and sits onto your lap. You are overwhelmed, happy and a bright smile fills your face. You can feel her smell which makes you forget all your worries.  That feeling of holding her from behind, moving your fingers from her untangled hairs and then she starts showing you the wedding pictures on her phone. A slideshow of the most memorable day of your life passes through when you both vowed to be with each other.

She looked like a princess wrapped up in jewellery looking no less than a gem sitting next to you; with her hands on yours; and people watching you both getting tied in a knot; that feeling that no one else has the right on her except you. She is all yours. Those poses when you both were for the shoots before marriage. Those smiles getting exchanged. When you feel like a movie star for some days.  Shooting in those most mesmerizing locations makes you feel no less than a superstar. Those dances, those funny moves, making faces, getting teased; recalling them fills you both with a smile on your faces.

Once again, those candid moments fills both of you with happiness. You love her even more than before.

Me, as a wedding photographer, i help people bringing those candid moments captured  so that they can cherish them for their entire life. Making those priceless moments into precious; me as a man behind the lens gives his all so that you can have such beautiful evenings everyday.


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I DENISH PAUN am a fine art photographer currently based in Rajkot, Gujarat.  A Mechanical Engineer by profession took up photography when in 2016 as an interest.  I have worked on various assignments serving clients at various places in INDIA.

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